Purchasing a Rabbit


About our rabbits

We love our rabbits and we aim to breed healthy, furry, friendly rabbits that will make wonderful breeders, meat and fur rabbits and wool producers. They deserve to have the best homes possible, and we want to remind all of our prospective customers that it is important to understand that rabbits are living creatures. They have daily requirements, including fresh water, food, attention, and care. A safe, comfortable indoor or outdoor cage in which to live is key.  Please keep in mind that Standard Rex and Angora Rabbits benefit from weekly brushing, monthly nail trimming, and weekly cage cleaning. While rabbits can make great family pets, it is unwise to allow small children sole responsibility in the care and safety needs of rabbits. Adult supervision is required. We encourage new rabbit owners to educate themselves about the proper care of their future pets before taking them home. 


how to purchase a rabbit

Contact us via email or phone to purchase a rabbit. Emailing will get you the quickest response, but this is a hobby farm and I have a full time jobs, so it may be a few days to get back to you. Also, please keep in mind we do not make any profit on our rabbits, and any money we make from selling rabbits only helps pay for rabbit feed, hay and supplies. We have rabbits for sale as breeders, meat rabbits or pets. We process rabbits about 2-2.5 months after they are born, so some of the rabbits on the nest box page may not be available. Contact us for available rabbits. 

We don't do shows, so you must come to our farm for rabbits. We may ship, depending on where you live and what time of year it is, but you will be responsible for all costs associated. 


how to care for your rabbit

Rabbits include so much care! Especially ours because they are smart, large and special.  Here are some great resources for care of your rabbit... or go to http://rabbitbreeders.us/raising-rabbits